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Getting started with

Dance Central Online

Welcome to Dance Central Online!


We’re excited you’ve joined and look forward to helping you make the most of your membership.

Below you'll find some helpful information to get you started.


If you don’t see a topic covered here, try searching for it on our Help Center. If you haven't signed up yet and would like to learn more, visit What is Dance Central Online?

Signing in

Once you've opened the Dance Central Online website, select Log In to access your account and begin watching the tutorials. If you experience any issues, review the troubleshooting steps at I can’t sign in to Dance Central Online.


Finding a video of your choice

To find your the video of your choice you will be able to click on any channel and see the description for its video contents. All videos are systematically labelled. Alternately as you click you desired video. The video itself will include a a description and will also include a short preview.


Managing your account

You can update your account information at any time, and change your email, phone number, or membership plan by selecting the Account option within the Dance Central Online menu. The articles below can help you learn how to manage your account.

Membership & billing

Plan details


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