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What is

Dance Central Online?

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Dance Central Online Streaming

Dance Central Online is a streaming service that allows our members to watch a wide variety of dance tutorials and documentaries on various internet connected devices. With Dance Central Online, you can enjoy unlimited viewing of our content. There's always something new to discover, and more videos, new styles and faculties are added every month!

If you're already a member and would like to learn more about using Dance Central Online, visit Getting Started with Dance Central Online.


Pick your price, pick your plan!

Dance Central Online offers different plans to suit your needs. Your plan will determine what videos you subscribe for, the duration and we will also suggest you best and top offers to you which we consider Value Buys.


You can visit our Pricing Plans page to make your choice.

As a member of Dance Central Online, you'll be billed once a month or yearly depending on your opted choice on the date that you originally signed up. For more info about billing, visit our billing FAQ’s.

You can see our policies to change or upgrade your plan from your Account Page.

Tutorials & Documentaries 

Dance Central Online has curated a series of high quality educational videos showcasing some of the best “teachers” in the country. We aim at quality education and so it takes a while to source of the teachers, who share the same alignment as us. We are constantly upgrading. Dance Central Online has an extensive library, though some may vary with by region, and may change over time.

We will also showcasing some historical information and information that will add to your skills with dancing as we move ahead.

The more you watch, the more you enhance.

You can play, pause, and resume watching anytime.


Let's dance!

Streaming Devices 

Watch anywhere, anytime, on thousands of devices. Dance Central Online streaming software allows you to instantly watch content on our website through any internet-connected device that offers an updated web browser. We recommend reviewing the System Requirement for web browser compatibility.

Also visit Terms of Use for more information.

Need help getting set up? Visit our Help Center for your queries.

Get Started! 

Follow these easy steps to start learning today:

  • Choose the membership plan that’s right for you.

  • Create an account by entering your email address and creating a password.

  • Enter a payment method.

  • That's it. Stream on!

As a member of Dance Central Online, you'll be billed once a month/ year depending on your opted choice on the date you originally signed up.

If you decide Dance Central Online isn't for you, you always have the option to cancel online, anytime.

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