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class instructions

Please read carefully


Wear whatever you are comfortable with.  Choice of clothing is optional! Come straight from work, or wear workout clothes or regular street wear!  


Only shoes with leather, suede, plastic, or foam soles are permitted on our wood dance floors.  Rubber soles will destroy your knees over time and will leave a film on the floors, which is hard to clean.

Ladies: It is not compulsory to wear heels, but essential to have heel support (as in straps around the ankles or foot).


Mobile phones
Salsa is more fun with no mobile phones ringing!  Please turn your mobile phone ‘Off’ or set it to ‘Vibrate/Silent’ so as not to interrupt the class. Thank you so very much. Unless it is a life or death situation, we encourage you to not attend to your phone while you are in class. 


As much as we would love to have your guests watch your class, we sadly can’t.  We hope you understand that it just makes your fellow dancers/ classmates nervous! Also, we encourage you to not ask your friends to come for just one class (paid). A single class will give you an overview of what happens in our class in terms of atmosphere, teaching level, and dancing level. Though this gives you a strong perspective and helps you decide whether you want to take a course with us, it will just be limited information about the course itself. So signing up for a full course is always encouraged. All it takes is one month. :)


For more information on the structure of the courses look up the course description section of the individual courses.


Trial/Demo Class:

We don’t do trial or demo classes. As discussed above there is almost nothing that you can gauge about the course in one session. And if you want to get an idea of the feel and vibe of the class, there is enough and more about us on our digital platforms (Google reviews, Instagram & Facebook). All of this should give you a good idea about who we are and what we do.


Just like you do thorough research about different services before buying them, we recommend you do the same for us. After you research and sign up, we hope you will trust and leave the teaching, guidance, and programming of your learning curve to us. Also on a humble note, our batches tend to get sold out in advance. Another reason to not find the need to host a demo class is because we already have fully paid registered members.


Video Cameras or Tape Recorders are not permitted in class. Videos can be occasionally taken with the consent of the instructor or if suggested by the instructor.

PS: Feel free to click as many pictures as you like. Don’t forget to tag us.


If you have little ones accompanying you to class, please make sure you bring a friend to stay with them in the lobby and don’t leave them unattended.  Our staff is committed to other things already and they may get easily distracted and will not be able to keep an eye on them for you. We regret that children cannot be permitted in the class. Though if they are old enough to be by themselves, we are most happy to have them.


Smoking and Chewing gum
Smoking, chewing gum or consuming alcohol is not allowed inside the venues.

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