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Dance Central Travels

These Terms and Conditions will apply if you travel to various festivals and events with Dance Central. Dance Central plays as the mediator/facilitator between you and the event. Please read these terms and conditions and stay well informed.

  • Payment plans are offered by Dance Central in order to make it easy for participants to plan their finances. It may or may not be an option provided by the event itself.

  • The moment the first installment is paid, it means that the participant has agreed to complete the balance payment no matter what the future circumstances may be. The full amount will become payable.

  • Amounts once paid are not refundable under any circumstance. Though they may or may not be transferrable. Transfer options for passes may vary from event to event. Kindly check with our one-point contact from the support team for possibilities. WhatsApp on +91-70-456-456-32 for more information.

  • If you decide to sell your pass or consider a transfer, updates on the events will be put on hold, until you either confirm that you are coming or let us know the name of the person and WhatsApp contact number to whom you have transferred the pass. Dance Central or the event will not be held responsible for any concerns or damages that occur out of such situations.

  • If you fail to complete your installments or the installments get delayed. Dance Central reserves the right to cancel your booking with no refunds of prior payment. In certain cases, we may try rebooking you at the prices available at that time of defaulting payment and a penalty for late payment or non-payment will be applicable.

  • Partly paid amounts for an event cannot be transferred or refunded. For amounts to be transferred, payment in full should be completed.

  • The pass booked with Dance Central cannot be sold outside of Dance Central without prior permission or consent. If the participant(s) tries to sell or transfer partly paid amounts or full passes directly with the buyer. Dance Central will reserve the right to cancel their pass and in such a case no refunds or transfers will be processed. The buyer must buy the pass from Dance Central and must explicitly inform us that they are buying a pass from another holder, for us to consider a transfer. 

  • The seller must also intimate us to expect a message from the buyer so that we can cross-verify and process the transfer.

  • If the buyer and/or seller do not inform us regarding the sale/purchase of the transfer pass, the pass will automatically be considered a fresh booking. Upon receiving payments in such a case, the pass won’t be eligible for transfer to an existing pass holder. You cannot buy a pass and then inform us to consider a transfer against an existing pass holder.

  • The event amounts cannot be redeemed against classes at Dance Central. If your membership is due, Dance Central class fees will be separately payable.

  • Room-sharing preferences will be given to you first. In the absence of a decision or preference. We at Dance Central will process the room allotments as we deem fit. Room allotments are also subject to the policies of the HOTEL you will be booked at. Their terms and conditions will be available with them directly. 

  • Event bookings will also be subject to terms and conditions by the event organizers. 

  • All pass holders must have valid id proofs for KYC and for international travels have a passport with at least 6 months of validity remaining. Getting the visa will not be a responsibility at Dance Central. 

  • In case of visa failure or any concern that does not allow you to travel, the passes or bookings will not be transferable or refundable.

  • All communications must be conclusive and confirmed. Inconclusive and vague communications will not be accounted for and neither processed for further action. In such a case pass status stays intact.

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