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  • You may have multiple Dance Central Online Accounts.
    If you are seeing multiple charges from Dance Central Online, you or someone with access to your account may have created multiple accounts. This can happen if you use multiple email addresses. Check for and cancel any duplicate accounts. If you can’t find any duplicate accounts or are billed through your cable or mobile carrier, contact us so we can investigate. Be sure to let us know where you are seeing these charges, along with you basic information when you contact.
  • You may be seeing an authorization.
    When you sign up for Dance Central Online or change your method of payment, Dance Central Online verifies your payment information by submitting an authorization for roughly the same amount as the cost of the monthly/yearly Dance Central Online membership. Dance Central Online does not actually collect this authorization amount, and the authorization will automatically drop off your account. Check with your financial institution to learn when you can expect them to release the funds back to your available balance.
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