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CoVer up guidelines

Please read carefully

Cover Up Class

A Cover-Up Class is a provision made if a student misses their class at the main centre where they were enrolled. A missed class is a class that has been conducted by Dance Central but has been missed by a student.


Main Centre
The main centre is the studio where a student is enrolled at the time of payment. All class-related updates will be provided only to students enrolled in the main centre.


Cover up guidelines

1. We need to be informed at least 3 to 4 days before to help you with the best possible options. Last-minute or 24-hour prior requests cannot be considered.

2. A student can take a cover-up class at any of our alternative centres only if they have missed their class at their main centre.

3. A cover-up class should not be misunderstood as a compensation class. Classes missed by a student will not be considered for compensation.  A compensation class is only provided if a class has been cancelled at the main centre where a student is enrolled.

4. A cover-up class should be taken within the "same week" at an alternative centre. More information on time, schedule and availability can be checked with our one-point contact on WhatsApp.

5. Cover-up classes cannot be carried forward or extended into the next batch/month. Students are required to check and keep track of schedules, availability and any changes at the alternate studios. Dance Central will not be liable to provide any reminders or updates on the same.

6. A cover-up class is valid for the same calendar week as the missed class. Once the week is over, a cover-up class cannot be claimed. Once the month for that batch cycle is over, all discussions regarding the cover-up class become null and void.

7. If a student is unavailable to take a cover-up class or if a cover-up class isn't available or not conducted for any reason, the student can then consider going 15 min before the next available class at their primary centre, within the enrollment/membership period.

8. A student cannot request compensation or an additional class in the absence or unavailability of a cover-up class. The cover-up class is a provision, not an obligation. A student, to begin with, is required to be committed and available for the classes assigned to them at their main centre.

9. To maintain efficiency and smooth communication, we would recommend a student write into our one-point WhatsApp contact on the day, before travelling to a cover-up class to avoid any inconveniences.

10. Dance Central reserves the right to deny a cover-up class to a student without any explanation. 


11. Cover-up classes are plainly out of goodwill and not a mandate or obligation. We apologize if the possible options do not suit you. Kindly don’t hold us responsible for the same.

12. The terms and conditions for any offers such as 2+1 offer, FOC, and ROC will automatically get accounted for and applied. 

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