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"Dance is a language.

It's not about the steps or the counts.

It’s about the music.

It’s about using your body to interpret the rhythm of music.


Dance is our language and we want to make it yours too."


- Dance Central 

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Welcome to Dance Central! We will empower you with everything you need. This is where you learn to communicate in this universal language. 


Initially founded as The Dance Factory, now rebranded to Dance Central, continues with a vision to create an institute that nurtures quality artists whose talent and skill is their own certificate in dance. "If you have the passion we will show you the way."


At Dance Central there are separate faculties for each dance form ensuring all instructors are masters of their respective genres. All instructors are thorough professionals in their areas of Dance and ensure not just quality training but also a holistic experience. 


Using a very concise and structured teaching method, the students will have the opportunity to acquire a solid foundation in different dance genres, develop their skills, techniques, rhythm, timing, creativity, style, personality and confidence making them a complete artist whilst still having fun! 


There are classes to suit everyone from Beginners to Advanced Classes.

More than just dance lessons, the classes offer students a great way to stay in shape, look great on the dance floor, improve their co-ordination, and meet new people! For some who want to take this even further, At Dance Central we offer career options as well. 

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Dance Central Online

Dance Central Online is a streaming service that allows our members to watch a wide variety of dance tutorials and documentaries on various internet connected devices.


With Dance Central Online, you can enjoy unlimited viewing of our content.


There's always something new to discover, and more videos, new styles and faculties are added every month!

Meet our team

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Vineet Bangera


Our leading principal instructor and founder, Vineet Bangera with almost 20 years of training students personally conducts all the latin classes. His forte is to teach in an extremely methodical systematic manner with a detailed breakdown of everything. We guarantee you will walk out dancing.

He is the only Indian to have represented India extensively in more than 45 countries (Istanbul, Antalya, Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Paris, Malaysia, Bangkok, Bali, Sydney, Dubai, Slovenia, Croatia, Oman, Manila to name a few) to promote home grown talent on global soils.

Hensila Kava


Our Digital Architect, Hensila Kava has been a part of the digital marketing universe since over 9 years and is the proud founder of Henk Inc. which is dedicated to fulfilling various branding and marketing requirements.

Her work in creative advertising space includes clients like Bharat Matrimony, Kotak Securities, ITC, Johnson&Johnson and Novartis to name a few.


Awards like Cannes Lions, Kyoorius Creative Awards, Abby Awards, Clios and Spikes Asia add acknowledgement to her work.

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